Urology Clinic at Eastside Specialty Center
Urology Clinic at Eastside Specialty Center

The Urology Clinic at Eastside Specialty Center offers complete urology care to patients from throughout the region by nationally recognized doctors. Urology disorders can be among the most uncomfortable, inconvenient and embarrassing of health issues. However, many urological disorders can be helped by awareness and prevention.

Managed early, many problems can be treated non-surgically or with minimally invasive techniques. New methods and tools constantly improve outcomes and the patient experience. We help patients make informed, sound lifestyle and medical choices about their urological disorders.

The Urology Clinic health-care professionals include urologists and nurse practitioners who are able to diagnose and treat a variety of urologic problems. The clinic includes two multidisciplinary clinics — the prostate oncology center and the urogynecology clinic — a variety of specialized urology clinics and a general urology clinic. Specialized urology clinics include the stone clinic, the cancer clinic for patients with kidney, bladder and testis or penis cancer, an infertility clinic and a clinic for sexual problems including erectile dysfunction.

The general urology clinic is for patients with urinary voiding infection problems and urologic pain problems.

In many cases the urologists in charge of these clinics also are involved in cutting-edge research which can be merged with clinical experience and skills to offer superior patient care.

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